Five Home-Based Physical Training Exercises that Will Make You look More Buff

by Canadian Dating Advisor on October 16, 2013

No chic wants a guy who is ‘soft round the middle’. You do not have to look like The Rock or Vin Diesel, but it helps to get rid of your fat and make your clothes look as if they were painted on you. If you already pack some muscle good for you. If you have just signed your resolution to hit the gym 3 times a week, a round of applause. But if you are adding weight like a blow-up doll and dragging your feet about losing weight, these exercises are for you.

Time your exercises during the day. Space those exercises on specific days. Certain exercises are only good for building certain parts of the body. You do not want to build those arms have legs looking like that of a cricket now do you.

The Bike Chomp

The bike chomp is destined to help you lose stomach fat. And you will agree that is where all the fat seems to hide for middle-aged men. Guys like Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum get this killer abs from the chomp.

Lay on your back with knees bended at 90 degrees. Lift your feet slowly in the air with your hands behind your head and turn sideways. You can also draw your right elbow towards your left knee and vice-versa.

I can Fly

‘I Can Fly’ exercises works like this. You lay down on your tummy with your 2 hands and 2 legs stretched out. You also raise your head up, looking forward as high as you can. This might be a little bit demanding but it helps build up your lower back muscles and stop them from being damaged doing tummy exercises like the bike chomp.

Straight line

Lay down on your tummy, with elbows tucked underneath your shoulders. Grip your hands with one another and thrust your toes and forearms. Keep your body upright and keep a direct line from your shoulders down to your heels. Remain in that position for as long as you can.

Good Old Push-Ups

Push ups are one of the oldest in the exercise books but are very effective. You build strength in your arms and also burn the fat in your mid-section. For better results you might use an exercise ball or bench press if you have that type of stuff lying around the house.


Lift the Leg

You can do this in your bedroom. You can sit down on the bed or on the floor if you have a rug. And try to lift weight objects with your feet. You could try lifting a box of cards, shoes or files if you want. Just make sure your legs are straight and parallel with the rest of your body. You can lie back using your arms or elbows for support.

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