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We RECOMMEND this Canadian dating site. eHarmony is a GOOD website to start dating girls in Canada. But we prefer our #1 from the top dating site. is the Canadian version of the world-famous It is packed full of features and prides itself on its advanced scientific matchmaking process. The site is a great choice for anyone who feels that they would benefit from being matched according to advanced scientific research which has been proven to predict relationship success.

eHarmony review

EHARMONY.CA – Why You Should Use It

There are many reasons why is an excellent choice for any singles looking for love online in Canada. Eharmony have a trademarked matchmaking system which looks at 29 different psychological and personality traits which have been proven to predict a relationship’s chance of success. It then matches people based on how compatible they are according to the system. This is a great way to avoid the common problem of finding out about incompatibilities a long way into a relationship rather than at the start.

eHarmony Reviews & is a GREAT dating site for Canadian Singles

Main EHARMONY.CA Website Features: A Review

The main feature that Eharmony offers which sets it apart from other dating sites is the advanced scientific matching process it uses to pair users. The creator of Eharmony is a world famous relationship psychologist who has used his extensive scientific research to determine the 29 psychological personality traits which match with each other in order to give the best chance of relationship success. In addition to all of the usual dating website features such as the ability to update profiles and message other users, Eharmony offers a guided communication service. This is expert advice which ensures that users communicate in the most psychologically attractive way possible.

29 Dimensions of Compatibility

This is the headline feature of It is an extensive psychological personality profile of each user in order to determine their compatibility with others. Unlike many other sites which attempt to profile the compatibility of users, Eharmony’s process is the result of expert scientific research so this is a great feature for anyone who is interested in ensuring the maximum psychological compatibility with their matches.

Guided Communication

The guided communication feature of Eharmony is an excellent and unusual feature in the world of online dating. Many singles find that the hardest part of the online dating process is working out what to say and when to say it. Guided communication helps users through the difficult initial stage of communication by providing various icebreakers, including multiple-choice compatibility questions, which allow users to find out more about their potential compatibility with one another.

Success Stories

The success stories feature of Eharmony is an excellent and inspiring way to learn about how others have succeeded on the site. The stories are categorised in various ways such as the age of the people they feature, situations they were in prior to dating and how people have worked with and benefited from the scientific process of Eharmony.

EHARMONY.CA Members: What to Expect

Anyone using Eharmony can expect to be profiled extensively as part of the scientific matching process. It is important that users are completely honest about their likes and dislikes when it comes to dating as this will ensure that the matches are genuinely as compatible as possible. This is an excellent choice of dating site for anyone who is keen to find someone who is scientifically suited to them and is also great for anyone who would like extra help communicating with the guided communications process.

EHARMONY.CA Membership Plan Review

Eharmony offers either paid or free memberships.

Free membership – Users who are not paying can create profiles and take a look at their matches. However they cannot communicate with others.

Paid Memberships – Paid members get full access to the Eharmony site and matchmaking process. This includes the ability to communicate fully.

EHARMONY.CA Review – Conclusion is one of the premium and most well-known Canadian dating sites on the internet. Its unique, trademarked and scientifically approved matchmaking process allows users to be matched on the deepest levels of psychological compatibility. The premium membership price should not deter anyone from checking out whether the Eharmony process is right for them. This is a brilliant site for finding a psychologically compatible long-term partner!

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