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Flirtbox is one of the major totally free online dating websites. It offers a variety of fun features and ways for single people to get in touch with one another. Any newcomer to the site will find it easy to get started thanks to the range of useful video tutorials which make it easy to create a profile and get in touch with other users.

Dating Scam Alert

FLIRTBOX.CA – Why You Should Use It

As one of the few totally free online dating websites, Flirtbox is a great way for people to try online dating without the potentially costly commitment required by a paid website. The site is especially excellent for users who enjoy photography as the hot or not feature ensures that people are able to judge the popularity of their pictures quickly and easily.

Flirtbox - Dating Scam AlertDO NOT JOIN Flirtbox. Is NOT a good dating site.

Main FLIRTBOX.CA Website Features: A Review

Flirtbox offers a range of features which are excellent considering the site is totally free to use. It allows users to quickly and easily browse profiles according to their location and preferences and even allows searching for specific usernames. Users can chat live, private message each other and participate in a range of discussions.

Hot or Not

This fun feature allows users to post pictures which other users can then rate on a sliding scale resulting in an ultimate rating of hot or not. As well as being a light-hearted way to browse photos and come across other users, it helps people figure out which of their pictures are getting the best responses.


Live chat is an ideal way to meet users of online dating sites. On Flirtbox the casual and informal chat reflects the site’s overall ethos. This is a particularly great feature for people who struggle with the formality of an email style message, particularly when it comes to breaking the ice for the first time.

Recent Users

There is nothing worse than finding someone attractive and interesting on a dating website, taking the time to compose the perfect message and then realising that they haven’t been active on the site for years! Flirtbox’s recent users feature avoids this problem entirely.

FLIRTBOX.CA Members: What to Expect

A new user to Flirtbox can expect a fun and informal site where they are able to meet other users quickly and easily. The discussion area of the site allows for various topics to be discussed and this can be a great way to meet someone. The site attracts a high number of members due to it being free and this ensures there are always plenty of interesting new people to meet.

FLIRTBOX.CA Membership Plan Review

Flirtbox is an entirely free website and all users are able to access the full range of features.

FLIRTBOX.CA Review – Conclusion

Flirtbox is a great free online dating website for anyone who is looking for a fun and informal way to meet and flirt with singles in their local area!

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