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We RECOMMEND this Canadian dating site. Match is a GOOD website to start dating girls in Canada is one of the highest-quality online dating websites available. It uses in-depth information in order to match users based on deep levels of compatibility. It attracts a higher number of users than the vast majority of other dating sites. is an excellent choice for someone seeking a meaningful relationship.

Match review

MATCH.CA – Why You Should Use It is the Canadian version of, one of the biggest and best-known sites in online dating. Because of the well-known reputation that Match has this site attracts a large number of users, so you are likely to be able to find a multitude of people you are interested in.

This site is suitable for someone who is looking for a serious relationship rather than a fling or something casual. This can be deduced from the sign-up process to the site which requires an incredibly large amount of information in order to determine compatibility between users of the site.

The key features which make different from other dating sites are the volume of profiles it contains, the likelihood of finding a compatible relationship partner thanks to the in-depth information requested by the site and the unique process by which the site mutually matches people it feels to be compatible.

Match Reviews & is a GREAT dating site for Canadian Singles

Main MATCH.CA Website Features: A Review

One of the main reasons that stands out from the competition is the vast number of features it offers. The level of features available to a user will depend upon the type of membership they have. Basic, non-paying members can use the site but only have very limited options when it comes to communicating with and searching for other users.

Paid membership opens up a wealth of search and communication features such as the ability to be offered a daily list of 5 compatible matches called the ‘Daily 5’, the option to engage in advanced communication such as VIP mail which prioritises the messages you send to other users and message read notification which lets you know when your message has been read but its recipient.
One of the reasons why is one of the best places to find a meaningful relationship online is due to the large amount of information it requests from users in order to find compatibility on a deep level. Many other sites have tried to copy this model but due to the fact that Match are one of the biggest and most experienced online dating companies you can be confident of the quality of their service.

Daily 5

One of the coolest features on for users who have opted for a paid membership plan is the Daily 5. Every day, the site will present users with five profiles that it feels are compatible, good matchers for the user. This is great for a number of reasons. It saves the time and effort of searching through the site for a compatible user and takes the guesswork out of compatibility by using Match’s tried and tested formulas. It also makes each day exciting because there will be five potential dates waiting for you when you login to your computer.

Video Profiles

This is a great feature that takes away one of the most common problems with online dating – the fact that people can come across very differently online than in person. Anyone can write a ‘fun-sounding’ profile but this may be far from their actual personality. Video allows you to get a feel for what people are really like through their body language, facial expression and tone of voice.

Mutual Matches

Many online dating websites match you with others based purely on how much of a good match they may be for you. For example, if you had specified you liked petite women with blonde hair, then users that fit this description would be presented to you as good matches. This fails to take into account if you are a good match for their needs. solves this problem with the mutual match feature. Mutual match pairs possible dates based on how highly they fulfil each other’s desired criteria. This ensures a far higher likelihood of success.

MATCH.CA Members: What To Expect

The experience is ideal for people who are looking for a deeply compatible relationship. As one of the market-leading dating sites will always have the best and latest features, such as video profiles, and thanks to their frequent advertising campaigns they will always attract a large number of users.

MATCH.CA Pricing Review

Standard and full price plans offer basic levels of access. Best Value Plans offer extra features such as highlighted profiles.

• Best Value Plan (6 months minimum) – $14.99 per month
• Best Value Plan (3 months minimum) – $17.24 per month
• Standard Plan (6 months minimum) – $12.74 per month
• Standard Plan (3 months minimum) – $14.99 per month
• Full price Plan (1 month minimum ) – $26.24 per month

MATCH.CA Review – Conclusion is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a committed relationship based on strong mutual compatibility. It is a great site packed full of features to help you find love online.

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