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We RECOMMEND this Canadian dating site. PerfectMatch is a GOOD website to start dating girls in Canada. But we prefer our #1 from the top dating site.

Perfect Match is an incredibly well-known online dating site, having received coverage from various media outlets including Dr. Phil. It was created by a recognized expert in dating, relationships and the psychology of attraction and it uses advanced compatibility testing to provide users with the highest quality of matches possible.

PerfectMatch review

PERFECTMATCH.COM – Why You Should Use It

Perfect Match is a great choice of dating site for anyone who wishes to find a meaningful, long-term relationship based on deep levels of compatibility. Another great feature of Perfect Match which sets it apart from many other online dating sites is the extent to which it caters to various special-interest dating groups such as military daters and African-American daters.

PerfectMatch Reviews & is a GREAT dating site for Canadian Singles

Main PERFECTMATCH.COM Website Features: A Review

The flagship feature of Perfect Match, and the reason it is named as it is, is the trademarked Duet compatibility system. This aims to match people based on every aspect of who they are rather than just a small, limited aspect of the person. Perfect Match also promises a free membership for any user who has failed to receive a suitable amount of matches within a specific timeframe. Users then can use the site for of charge until they have been suitably matched.

Duet Total Compatibility System

The site’s founder, recognized relationship expert Dr. Schwartz spent over 30 years researching what it takes to make lasting partnerships in love. The Duet compatibility system is the end product of this research and it aims to match users on not just personality but also lifestyle and values. This helps to ensure that people are compatible before they are emotionally attached to someone who is not suitable for them.

Free Membership Features

Other than sites which are totally free, there are very few places in the world of online dating which enable a non-paying member to contact other members. This is not the case with Perfect Match! Free users can initiate conversations with platinum members, who are the highest tier of users.

Free Membership Guarantee

Perfect Match offers paid users the promise of free membership if they have not received suitable matches within a specified period of time. This is great as it takes away the common objection to joining a paid dating site that there may not be the right people on there to justify the price of joining. Perfect Match promises you will find suitable people to date or they will give you full access to their site for free until you do.

PERFECTMATCH.COM Members: What to Expect

Perfect Match newcomers should expect to find a high-quality online dating website which is geared towards creating long-term, meaningful relationships with people based on high-levels of deep mutual compatibility. Users should be prepared to honestly engage with the Duet Total Compatibility system as this gives the best chance of suitable matches being found.

PERFECTMATCH.COM Membership Plan Review

Perfect Match offers three tiers of membership – free, paid and platinum.

Free members are able to create a profile, browse other users’ profiles and also contact platinum members.

Paid members can do everything a free member can do plus they can also engage in the full-range of communication options that Perfect Match has to offer.

Platinum Members can do everything that paid members can do in addition to being contactable by everyone, even free users, and having their profiles highlighted in search results.

PERFECTMATCH.COM Review – Conclusion

Perfect Match is an ideal choice of dating website for anyone who wants to find a meaningful and special relationship online thanks to the advanced Duet compatibility system. It is also an excellent destination for niche groups who are not catered to on other dating sites, such as members of the military and people who prioritise green and environmental issues as a prerequisite in a partner.

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