by Canadian Dating Advisor on August 14, 2012 is a great choice of online dating site for anyone looking for WASTING his money. Despite its name, features users from all around the world. This makes it ideal for anyone who wishes to meet a wide range of potential partners rather than just those in Canada. Well, if you are looking for someone you don’t want to see it’s the best choice!

Dating Scam Alert

SINGLESCANADA.CA – Why You Should Use It has been operating since 1998 and since that time it has grown hugely both in terms of the number of users and also the amount of features. The fact that the site has been around for so many years is a testament to its excellent reputation. It also features a number of specialised features for certain user groups, such as the handicapped and single parents, so it is a great choice for people who may feel that they would not fit in on an average dating website for whatever reason.

Singlescanada - Dating Scam AlertDO NOT JOIN Singlescanada. Is NOT a good dating site.

Main SINGLESCANADA.CA Website Features: A Review offers all the main features that would be expected on a dating website. These include the ability to search for other users and message them, profiles which can be updated with photos and the ability to find local users. One of the cool features on Singles Canada is the ability to record and upload video messages and there is a tutorial that makes this extremely easy.

Psychological Advice

Everyone knows that dating can be incredibly difficult for even experienced people to figure out. The psychology of attraction is incredibly complicated and it can be confusing for anyone who is not familiar with it. Singles Canada provides high-quality psychological advice to make the world of online dating far easier to cope with.


Chatterbox is Singles Canada’s chat feature. It allows online users to get talking to each other quickly and easily. This is often a great way to meet people online as it takes away the formality and awkwardness of composing an email-style message and is more likely to reflect a real-life conversation.

Singles Canada Blog

Singles Canada has a high-quality blog which contains a lot of useful dating advice. This is a great feature as it offers people a helping hand in finding love online rather than simply leaving people to get by through trial and error.

SINGLESCANADA.CA Members: What To Expect

Users of Single Canada can expect to find an excellent dating site with a tried and tested reputation that has been earned over the years. It is an excellent place to meet people in Canada and overseas. If you sign up to this site you should expect to find a diverse range of people from around the world, including special-interest user groups such as single parents and the handicapped.

SINGLESCANADA.CA Membership Plans Review

Trial Members – Trial members are able to browse the site and communicate with other users on a very limited basis.

Gold members – Can do everything a trial member can do and are also able to communicate on an unlimited basis, see other users’ full range of photos and engage in video chat. Gold members also have the chance to upgrade to VIP membership.

VIP members – Can do everything that gold members can as well as having their profiles highlighted in search results and their messages highlighted in other users’ inboxes.

SINGLESCANADA.CA Review – Conclusion

Don’t be misled by the name! Singles Canada is a great place to find online romance no matter where in the world you are from. It is also great for Canadians who would like to meet a romantic partner from abroad. If you are looking to try the world of online dating and you don’t feel that you would be a good fit for other websites for whatever reason then Singles Canada has a proven track record of accepting and finding love for different special-interest groups. An excellent choice of site no matter who you are!

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