by Canadian Dating Advisor on August 14, 2012 is a fairly unique and quirky dating site in terms of its features and the way in which it operates. It features a comprehensive personality assessment, like many other dating websites, but the questions are extremely off the wall, at least at first glance. Spark requires that all users submit a photo within a short period of time after joining the site. It is a great choice of site for finding a relationship based either on personality or physical appearance, as is very detailed in both areas.

Dating Scam Alert

SPARK.COM – Why You Should Use It

You should use if you are sick of dating sites which feature endless profiles without photographs. It has been proven that having a photo on your profile on any online dating website significantly increases your chances of being contacted. Spark also features a full personality assessment but unlike other dating websites that make use of this feature the personality assessment does not restrict who users are able to contact. No matter if you would rather meet people based on personality or their photos, Spark will enable you to search the way you prefer.

Spark - Dating Scam AlertDO NOT JOIN Spark. Is NOT a good dating site.

Main SPARK.COM Website Features: A Review

Spark is one of the most feature-rich online dating sites that the internet has to offer. It consists of a detailed personality test which is a refreshing change from many of the clichéd tests found on other sites, offering users a range of probing multiple-choice questions. The requirement for a mandatory profile picture ensures that there are fewer fake users on Spark than on many other sites. Spark also allows users to share profiles with friends who may be interested in a Spark member.

Unique personality profile

Spark’s personality assessment, which users complete when signing up for the site, offers a range of probing questions which are designed to show people what they are like deep-down as opposed to the surface image they attempt to portray. This will be a refreshing change for users who have grown tired of the rather similar personality tests found on many other online dating websites.

Compulsory Profile Pictures

One of the most common problems with dating websites is the fact that many users do not have a profile picture. While personality and shared interests are important, there are few people who would deny that a level of physical attraction is needed in order for a relationship to succeed. This is probably the only dating site online where every single profile is accompanied by a photographic image.

In-depth search options

Spark allows users to find potential dates with a number of interesting search criteria. The standard search options such as location are available but Spark also provides the ability to search for users who have a particular type of personality assessment, certain profile keywords or even by who are the most active users of the site.

SPARK.COM Members: What to Expect

Newcomers to Spark will find the initial sign-up process to be very interesting thanks to the quirky and unique style of questions used to build up the initial personality profile. Once a member, an online dater will be impressed by the wide range of ways they can search for and communicate with other users, including one of the best online chat systems that internet dating has to offer.

SPARK.COM Membership Plan Review offers a free trial option as well as a paid membership plan and a premium membership option.

Free trial users are able to create a profile and browse the profiles of others but they cannot initiate communication.

Paid users can carry out all of the basic options that free users have plus they can also engage in the full range of communication options such as initiating email contact, sending e-cards and accepting chat invitations.

Premium members are able to do everything that paid members can do plus their profiles are highlighted in search results.

SPARK.COM Review – Conclusion is an excellent choice of online dating site for anyone who appreciates both the personality test approach to finding a partner as well as physical attractiveness. The great thing about Spark is it makes use of the personality tests without being restricted by them in any way, and mandatory profile pictures ensure that users do not have to contact people without knowing what they look like.

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