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by Canadian Dating Advisor on August 14, 2012

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We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Canadian dating site. Xpress is a GOOD website to start dating girls in Canada

xPress is a unique dating website. From the moment the site first loads users will know they are in for something a bit different thanks to the site’s unique registration process. Once registered, site members will find it easy to browse the profiles of singles by a variety of criteria including appearance, location and shared interests. This is a great choice for people who have tried other sites and found they are not right for them.

xPress review

xPress.com – Why You Should Use It

One of the main reasons to use xPress is its high-tech sign-up process which is genuinely different from any other dating site on the internet. If you are tired of filling in the same old boring online forms in order to join a dating site then you will find the xPress process a refreshing and welcome change.

xPress Reviews & ScamsxPress.com is a GREAT dating site for Canadian Singles

Main xPress.com Website Features: A Review

The standout feature for xPress is the initial sign-up process but that is far from the only thing the site has to offer. The search feature is fairly advanced as profiles can be browsed by criteria such as shared interests and physical appearance as well as the more common location-based searches. Communication is made easy thanks to the site’s online chat and instant messaging features.

Interactive Sign-Up

This is by far the most unique and attractive feature about xPress. Instead of the standardised form which most dating sites ask new users to complete, xPress offers a fully interactive, automated woman who asks users to click various buttons depending upon their preferences. This feels futuristic and is far more enjoyable than simply sitting and typing information into an online form.

Advanced Search

There are many ways to find potential dates on xPress. As well as the usual dating site option of searching for users in a local area, xPress allows a detailed search criterion including shared interests, physical appearance and sexual orientation.

Variety of Users

xPress makes a big point out of catering to all types of online daters no matter their sexual orientation or the type of relationship they are looking for. This means that no matter what type of relationship or person you are looking for, xPress will help you to find them.

xPress.com Members: What to Expect

xPress will impress for the first moment it loads up in an online dater’s web browser. The high-tech, automated sign-up process accurately gives the impression that the site is innovative and makes use of the latest technology available. The site doesn’t disappoint after the initial stage thanks to the many ways that daters can search for a wide variety of people on xPress.

xPress Membership Plan Review

xPress offers both free and paid membership options.

Free members – Free members can enjoy the automated sign-up process and browse profiles. However the communication options are limited.

Paid members – Paid members are able to do everything free members can do plus engage in the full range of communication options available, such as instant messaging and live online chat.

xPress.com Review – Conclusion

xPress is a genuine breath of fresh air in the online dating world. It is a great option for users who may be jaded from other sites or simply fancy something else.

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