Conversation Starters For Online Dating In Canada

How to start a conversationOne thing about online dating that many people find difficult is how to initiate a conversation online. If you come across the profile of someone you find attractive and interesting it can take a lot of courage to write them a message. Because we don’t have the ability to use our tone of voice and facial expression online it can be difficult to communicate exactly what we are thinking in the right tone. Don’t worry, we are here to help! If you follow the information in this guide you will know how to start a conversation online and how to keep it flowing.

The major mistake that many people make when they are sending messages to people online is copying and pasting a standard template email and sending it out to lots of different people. This may seem like a good idea as it saves the time and effort of writing a custom message for someone who may not even be interested. However, what a lot of people fail to realize, is that by taking a few minutes to write a custom message the recipient is a lot more likely to see you as the kind of person who is worth writing back to!

Worst exemple of dating message

The worst example of the kind of generic message that many dating site users send out en masse is “Hi beautiful, how are you doing?” etc. Many people think that if they send something like that they are likely to get a reply. This is far from the case! This message does several things badly. First, you should never give someone a generic compliment such as beautiful in the first message. It sounds cheap and somewhat sleazy and is likely to be the kind of thing that the recipient has heard a lot of times before. This message fails to mention anything specific about the person it is being sent to and is unlikely to generate many responses.

What should you write?

Thankfully we can learn from the above example of what not to do and come up with some good tips to follow when writing a custom message to another dating site user. Instead of a generic greeting like “Hi beautiful” or “Hi handsome” you should consider addressing the person by their name. This is a good idea for two reasons. First, it shows that you have taken the time to write to them specifically rather than sending out a copy and pasted template message to anyone and everyone. Secondly, it has been proven that using a person’s name is a great way of generating rapport and feelings of familiarity. This is something you should be aiming to do.

to avoid coming across as bland and generic, you should consider mentioning something about the person you have chosen to message. Most dating sites will have a section where people can post information about the things they like in life such as their interests, hobbies, favorite music etc. Try to find something you have in common or genuinely admire about the person’s profile and compliment them on it. This is far more attentive and attractive than some kind of generic compliment such as “beautiful” or “nice body”.

While it is always best to use a custom message when starting a conversation on a dating website, there are occasions when you may be short on time or inspiration. In those situations, and those situations only, you can start things off with the template below. Just add as much as you can to the template so that it sounds like it has genuinely come from you.

A good example of dating message

“Hi (insert your potential date’s name),
I was browsing and came across your profile. I love the fact we are both into (insert a common interest here).
It’d be great to have a conversation about it some time.I think we might have a lot more in common and it will be fun to find out
(Insert your name/username here)”

The above message works on several levels. It uses the person’s name, it mentions a specific interest, it is positive and upbeat and it is non-needy and not too serious. This is a great low-risk opening message which you should use when you are stuck for inspiration. Just make sure to give it your own twist if possible!

The final thing to keep in mind when sending out a message on an online dating site is “how will the person I am interested in feel when they read this?” The way to answer that question is by taking a moment to relax and read the message from a neutral perspective. If you are unsure if it is appropriate in terms of tone and content then show it to a trusted friend and ask for honest feedback.

It is completely normal to feel nervous and a little hesitant when initiating a conversation with a potential love interest online. If you follow the above tips you need not worry because you know you are sending a positive, thoughtful message which gives you the best chance of receiving a great response!


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