Getting a Girl’s Number Quickly | How Canadians Do It

how to ask a girl's numberOne of the best things about online dating is the variety of people that are available for you to meet and the ease with which you can message them. At the click of a mouse and a few strokes of the keyboard you can be in contact with almost any type of person. This is great. However, messaging people online has limitations. You can’t use your tone of voice to help show how you feel. You can’t hear that person’s voice (imagine if they have a voice you just can’t stand!). The way around this is to get that person’s phone number and speak to them for real. This can be a very intimidating step to take for a lot of people as it takes away some of the anonymity of the internet. This guide teaches you how to successfully get phone numbers from online dating.

1 – Make sure the timing is right!

There is a right time and a wrong time to try to get a person’s phone number online. Very few people instinctively know when this is, so by putting this information into practice you will be head and shoulders above most other online daters. The key about timing the request for the phone number properly is to build enough interest first through online written messages, but not to message the other person for so long that they become bored and unable to see you as anything other than an online friend to chat to. The ideal time to ask for a number is after you feel the person is interested in you and would like to get to know you better.

2 – Ask in the right way

Even if you ask for a person’s phone number at the right time, failing to ask for it in the right way can make your potential date hesitant. Some classic examples of the wrong way to ask for a phone number include being too cocky, too shy, too presumptuous, too creepy and too needy! That sounds like a lot to avoid, but once you know the right way you won’t even have to think twice about how to ask for a phone number.

It is great to ask for a person’s phone number for a specific reason. Asking ‘Can I have your number’ out of context may not work as well as asking ‘This conversation has been really enjoyable, I would love to continue it on the phone, can we exchange numbers?’ If you are particularly worried about rejection then a low risk strategy is to give the other person your own number. This allows them to call or text you if they wish to do so without putting any pressure on them. Most people will be comfortable taking a phone number even if they wouldn’t be comfortable to give their own out.

3 – How would they like to be asked?

Everyone is different. The kind of conversation you have with one person online is likely to be different from the kind of conversation you would have with another. Some people are likely to be playful and light-hearted online while others might prefer to have a slightly more serious conversation. Just as you would speak to someone in a certain way depending on their personality, you should ask for their phone number in a way they are likely to respond well to. For example, if an online date is clearly into talking lots, emphasize this is the reason you want their number. If someone is really humorous, point out how much fun you could have chatting on the phone. This increases your chances of success dramatically.


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